Cooking Chamber VKM


Cooking chamber… enable to carry out the automatic thermal processing by cooking.Bratwurst,sausage,bacon,hocks,hams, chicken perfectly cooked. .

Product Description


Cooking chamber enable to carry out the automatic thermal processing by cooking. The whole process of automatic thermal processing is controlled by microprocessor control unit. The chamber is suitable for thermal processing of ham and similar products in leak-proof casings of moulds. By request it is possible to rpvide the chambers with higher heater output and stronger panels fo cooking at temperature above 160°C which enable its use for baking of products.

  • The Mauting cooking chambers are intended for industrial and craft production of smoked meat products..
  • They enable to carry out the automatic thermal processing by cooking and on customer’s request also baking.
  • The cooking camber provides the optimal flow, speed, direction and renewal of circulating air which are the basic assumption for obtaining the uniform distribution of temperature and humidity in a space. For temperature above 160°C they are in design with strengthened panels and additional heating.
  • In construction they can be adapted for the horizontal flow of circulate air.
  • They enable the thermal processing according to the Delta-T method.
  • The air circulation inside a chamber is provided with a powerful ventilator the amount of which follows the number of trolleys.
  • The cooking chamber uses a control system which enables the selection of its own program and the full control of the technological process and this way provides the automatic process run.
  • The perfect construction provides the ideal insulation, rigidity and long operating life.
  • The humidity is recorded my means of psychrometer sensor, the piercing sensor serves for recording the product core temperature.
  • The chamber has been made of the stainless nickel chrome steel.


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